Fur Con: A love story. Part 1

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Fur Con: A love story. Part 1

Post by Fairy22122 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:43 pm

Warning: This is PG13

Fur Con 2k18 was only a month away, and Goldie had no idea what he was in for. He didn't even buy a suit yet! He called his best friend, and furry guru, Samuragi.
"Bitch what you want? I'm trying to get some tail." He would answer. Shit that's right, it's rave night. "Hey my bad, I forgot. Was just panicking since I don't have a suit yet." Goldie would get out, pausing for a moment listening to the music on his friends end. "I'll actually talk to you later, sorry my dude." With that he'd hang up without waiting for reply. This is an issue he would have to fix on his own. Scrolling through his favorite suits he found, he realized an ongoing problem with every suit he liked: They're all to tall! He stood at 5', and the suits would be too long for his shorter stature. He wasn't about to wear platforms either, and everything to custom order would take too long. "Shit this is a real pickle..." He would mumble under his breath, closing his eyes and sitting back in his livingroom lazy boy. *BA-DING* A text from Samuragi? "Get your ass here 3023 Care Bear Drive" The fuck? Might as well head out, no point in moping around. Inputting it into his GPS, Goldie would get on the road. His Moped only topping out at 30MPH, it would take him about 30 minutes to get to the other side of town using backroads. It was a nice drive, but maybe he should have called an Uber. The sun was setting, and he was only wearing light clothing. By the time he got there he was freezing, and he could have sworn his hands were a different color. How would he know though, since the location was covered in multi-color lights flashy every direction. "Took you long enough!" a familiar voice would call out. Turning to look he saw Samuragi in his Care Bear suit, the grumpy bear head being carried under his right arm. "Any longer on the road and I would be dead to frostbite." Goldie would say, laughing as he walked over to give his buddy a hug. Arms still linked, they would have over a few cars from where Goldie parked to Samuragis truck. Rummaging through his backseat he would pull out a Care Bear hoodie, tossing it at Goldie. "That will help you fit in...Kind of." He would laugh, locking up his vehicle and heading back towards the double doors at the front. Throwing on the hoodie Goldie would chase after his friend, eyeing the two fur suit gaurds at the doors. Samuragi would get in no problem, but one guard would stand in his way. "ID and ticket needed" He would say, his tone deep and serious. "T-ticket?" Goldie would get out, bewilder. He didn't even know what he was doing here, let alone that he needed a ticket. Without letting the guard continue, Samuragi would grab Goldie by the hand. "He's with me Seal~!" Samuragi would almost giggle, pulling him in without another protest from the guard. Before Goldie could get anything out about how amazing the dance party looked, a blue fox furry walked over and pulled on Samuragis arm. "What, so you're already bored of me?" A voice would call out, pulling his friend away. "Nah Sugarplum baby, no one could capture my attention away from such a sexy bitch as you." Samuragi would get out, wrapping his paws around the stranger. "Goldie go make some friends, I'm gunna be busy for a while. Don't leave without saying bye to me." And with a laugh, Samuragi and the unnamed fox disappeared in the dancing crowd. Now what?

Having explored the event, Goldie would determine he's not completely out of place. Out of about 1,800 people, he's 1 of maybe 60 not wearing a full suit. Having lost Goldie on the 1st floor he headed up to the 2nd floor where it was mostly just food and a massive bar, then 3rd floor was a lounge with some gaming tournament going on. He hung out on the top floor, watching people in fur suits with VR helmets on wonder back and forth occasionally bumping into one another and bursting out in laughter. He nursed a blue and orange frozen fruit drink, no idea if it had liquor in it but staying on the safe side. After about 10 minutes of sitting down on the farthest couch from the stairs a turtle would walk over and sit uncomfortably close next to him. After a moment of silence he would try to scoot over, to which the turtle guy would scoot closer. "Can I help you?" Goldie would say, scooting to the edge of the couch and turning towards the suited figure. "I just though you were cute, but I didn't know what to say." The monotone voice would almost sheepishly admit. "Besides...Since you walked in you've just sat here letting your drink melt..." Embarrassed to have drawn attention to himself, and feeling a heightened ego to the compliment, he let his guard down. "I'm sorry about that...I'm new to this sort of place. My name is Goldie." He would smile, offering his hand to the turtle person. "My name is Turtle" They would say, perking up. "I'm not new to the scene, but it is my first time hitting on someone at one of these gatherings." With a gentle laugh Turtle would shake his hand with their flipper covered hand before getting up. "My friends and I are trying to play a 4 player game...Would you like to join us?" After a moment to ponder, Goldie would get up. "Absolutely!" He would say, kind of excited to be making friends in the community. Walking over with Turtle to the group he would take note that they weren't furries, and there was already 4 of them. One was a blue bird, another was a unique looking almost dragon character with moving wings, and the third one was some sort of raptor. "These are my friends. The dino want to be is Ruki, the oh so special and expensive dragon is Katie, and the avian is our leader Gubbie." Smiling, Goldie would mockingly half bow at the group. "Yo yo yo, what's good grumpy bear want to be. Miss too good to game Katie doesn't want to play VR with us, so you DTF or nah?" The avian would say, thrusting a VR headset into his hands before he could give a response. "Hey I would love to play! These wings are to amazing to just carelessly be retarded with you lot though" The female would say, her British accent sounding loud and clear. The conversation would continue, no care for Goldies retort as they were now bickering back and forth. "It's okay if you don't want to play." Turtle would say, taking off the head of his suit to put on his headset. After about 2 hours of stupidity on knock off Mario Kart and 3 pitchers of a pink slushy beverage, Goldie would be happily intoxicated with his new friends.

Going back and forth of bouts of laughter to seriously trying to whoop each others ass in duels, Goldie would be laughed out on games, and sit with Turtle for a while just whispering back and forth as the others played. Two new people had seen them gaming and joined in, another scaley named storm and a big marble eyed tiger named Cat. Having this time alone with Turtle was nice, as he was getting to know about what to expect for the upcoming Fur Con. He confided in Turtle for the reason for not having a full suit. "I have a friend who's shorter then you and he might know what to do~!" He would excitedly say. "That's great! Nothing against Care Bears, I'm just not too into wearing the same thing as my best friend." He would laugh, taking another drink before hiccuping. Taking that as a queue, Gubbie would take the drink from his hand and down it. "You are OFFICIALLY cut off for the night." Gubbie would laugh, twirling around. "Lets go dancing~!" Cat would shout, taking off the headset. "That sounds great" Ruki would chime in, getting cut off by Katie "What so I can have my wings smashed against? No thanks!" By then everyone was already walking towards the stairs down. "Get ignored scaley!" The tiger named Cat would laugh, now walking hand in hand with Ruki. With that the group headed down, making a circle around Katie so she could dance without any furbody being able to get too close to her precious wings. After about 5 minutes of dancing, Samuragi and the blue fox had bumped into them. Having spotted them, Samuragi excused himself and grabbed Goldie by the wrist and out of the crowd. "Bro we have to get out of here, I can't shake this crazy chick. I've gotten away from her 4 times and every time shes tracked me down!" Samuragi would be looking back and forth as he spoke, obviously paranoid. "What happened?" Turtle would ask, having followed them but being unnoticed until he spoke. "Nothing Scaley, mind your own business and get away from us." Samuragi would scuff, trying to take Goldie farther away. Goldie however, would pull his arm away. "What did you just say..? How can you be rude?" Goldie would almost whisper, unsettled. "It's okay...That's how it is...I'll see you around Goldie." He would mumble, shuffling back towards the crowd and out of sight. "Good riddance. They're beneath us Goldie, it's good. Lets bounce, I know you have work tomorrow so it's for the best. place closes in an hour anyway, so lets beat traffic." Samuragi would continue, turning towards the door to walk out. "You can leave by yourself. I'm staying." Goldie would say, planting his feet firmly on the ground. "What did you just say?" Samuragi would say, turning back to look at his friends defiance. "I said I'm staying. I like these people. You said go make friends, and I did. You called me out here, then abandoned me for some fox that you're now running from. You can go, but I'm staying." Goldie would turn, walking back towards the crowd of fur suits. "Fine! What ever dude!" Samuragi would shout, storming off. Goldie could care less, he could figure out everything tomorrow. Right now, he just had to find Turtle before he left. They didn't even exchange numbers yet! Panic was setting in. He had to find them.

End of part 1
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