Short story 1

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Short story 1

Post by Fairy22122 » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:12 am

Explanation: I want to write more but have the attention span of a gold fish so can't stick to one story. Here is where I'll post just little bits and pieces I have.

WARNING: Depressing? No ending

The noise, it won't stop. The screaming, the explosions. I can't get it out of my head. It's always there, always buzzing behind my ear drums. Ever since I broke free, It's all I've ever heard. I can't hear the laughter of my child, or my wife say my name anymore. Middle of the night, Amanda curled up beside me, it wakes me from the deepest sleep. She wakes to comfort me, remind me it's okay. She holds me in her arms, but my heart still races. Where is Carlos? Fear sets in, then I remember. He's gone. Red flashes across my eyes, then the pain hits. My leg, it's hurts so much. Where did it go? Where is my leg? Amanda gets up, our baby monitor flashing. I'm back home, my mind settling. I want to see her. I move to get up, but my left foot never touches the ground. My leg, it's propped against the night stand. Suddenly defeated, I lay back down allowing the tears to cascade down. Here I am, back state side. What do I do now with my life?
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