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All Punishments will be listed down below

1. No Random DeathMatch
Most important rule to TTT, no RDM allowed.
RDM is where you kill someone with no legitimate reason.
Examples of RDM: Killing AFKs before overtime, pushing players off edges with crowbar or props, killing detectives or innocents whether they are proven or not.

2. No Trolling or harassing players on the server
Do not flame or target players.
Do not troll such as false reports or constant RDMing with reasons like “Sorry my brother was playing.”

3. Do not False KOS
Traitors can call a false KOS to get innocents killed, they may not be reported for it
Innocents who call a false kos may be reported.

4. No hard racial slurs
You are allowed to say “Nigga” but do not use “the hard r”.

5. No exploiting, hacking or metagaming.
Hacking will not be tolerated 
Exploiting maps will not be allowed. Map bugs that include unfair advantage to gameplay.
Do not intentionally crash the server
Ghosting is not allowed
Do not team, helping people who are not the same role as you.
No pornographic sprays or nudity in sprays

6. Do not argue with staff
If you have an issue with staff’s decision make a report on the forums with proof.
If a staff member tells you to stop doing something then you stop.
To be honest this will make it easier to manage sorry if it is an inconvenience. 

Overtime Rules
AFK players may be killed.
Innocents and detectives may claim rooms.
People who claim rooms may kill any non-detectives that enter or open the door. 
Anyone can call a “Live check or KOS” in overtime.
Only detectives can call a “Test or KOS” in overtime.
Punishments for offenses

General RDM punishment:
RDM is killing someone for a reason that isn’t listed below
One slay per RDM

Mass RDM punishment:
Mass RDM is where 3+ intended RDMs in a single round – Permaban

Attempted RDM punishment:
Attempted RDM is where you attempt to kill someone for no reason. Any damage over 15+ is considered attempted RDM.

T on T RDM punishment:
Traitor on Traitor RDM.
Intentional RDM: Using T items without calling it out and it kills your T buddy. KOSing T buddies. 2 Slays
Accidental RDM: Crossfire. If it truly was accidental it’s 1 slay.
If you die to your Traitor buddies C4, it is not slayable.

RDM and leave punishment:
Leaving the server with an active report or slay
One day per slay you leave with

False KOS punishment:
One slay per false kos

Ghosting/Teaming punishment:
Ghosting with a friend using a third party software such as discord, skype or teamspeak. 2 week ban
Teaming with someone who you know isn’t the same role as you. 1 week ban

KOS Reason list
Prop Killing
Calling a KOS on someone who is proven innocent
Destroying the traitor tester, you are allowed to break it in pre-round
Having a traitor or detective weapon while unproven. (Only kosable if they take it out)
Damaging innocents for no reason
Throwing incendiary grenades to where it can damage other players
Throwing discombobulators to where it can launch someone and damage them
Failing to respond to a live check or kos in overtime
Entering a traitor room while unproven
Door Spamming/Blocking.
Damaging a tester or health station, it is only KOSable if you warn them once for damaging it.
Flipping cars with props
Holding explosive barrels near players
Killing detectives unless the detective is killing people like they are a traitor
T-Baiting (Saying you are a traitor, shooting near players.) Shooting in the sky is fine
Entering a room that was validly claimed
Having a valid suspicion in overtime is KOSable, read below for suspicion reasons.
Killing player with tester (pushing kill button or breaking tester with player in it).

Suspicion reasons
Refusing to follow a KOS
Following people in overtime
Not testing
Claiming to have killed someone that you didn’t
Being near bodies of people who died
Planting T’N’T on rooftops
Breaking planks on rooftops

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