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    Hello, I’m Dogman Jer…

    NO I’M NOT A FURRY(i don’t have anything against furries either.)

    Welcome to K9 Server. Here at K9 Servers… Wait that is Fairy’s line :/ Umm.. I am the owner of K9 Server and i’m very hopeful and really really don’t want to give up this place. We created K9 Server 5 years ago the servers have since been up and down with little activity. look at this ancient thing K9 Fourms. Yes I know forums is spelled wrong. Don’t blame me it’s fairy’s fault. xD Umm.. A few things about me I love DOGS(hence my name), I’mma nerd who play a lot of video games, I’m very lazy, I work a lot and Sleep a lot…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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